A Community Mindfulness Center:

Supporting the Learning and Cultivation of

Mindfulness, Wisdom, and Compassion.

Welcome to Rooted In Mindfulness, a mindfulness center located in Brookfield, Wisconsin, supporting the Greater Milwaukee Area.

Discover authentic happiness, peace, and well-being through the cultivation of mindfulness. Learn how to integrate mindfulness into your life by participating in programs that are informed by science, mindfulness-based modalities, and contemplative practices.

All programs offered at Rooted In Mindfulness are offered in ways that are contemporary, relevant, secular, and universally beneficial to everyone.

About Rooted in Mindfulness

A Community Mindfulness Center.

Located in Brookfield, Wisconsin, offering programs to the Greater Milwaukee Area and beyond.

Our mission:

To support the learning and cultivations of mindfulness, wisdom, and compassion within the lives of individuals, communities, and the world.

Mindfulness is a universal human quality that allows us to be with our life in a way that is present and aware.

Wisdom grows when we intentionally bring mindful awareness and presence to our life.  This wisdom helps us recognize and cultivate thoughts and actions that support greater health and well-being.

Compassion is supported by mindfulness and wisdom. Compassion is a wise response, informed by our intention to choose what engenders well-being and health rather than what engenders suffering and dis-ease.



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